The 9 Best Fashion Trends

Dark Denim

After years of distressed, ripped, studded, and otherwise embellished denim, the return of traditional dark jeans (on both men and women) is a welcome one. Any weekend outfit feels polished with the addition of crisp bottoms.

Camp Collar Shirts

Short sleeved button downs are officially cool again. Any color works, but they’re especially popular in cheeky, retro prints. To rock the look yourself, look for something like this camp-collar shirt.

Faux Fur
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You could call it fashion with a conscience. “So many of the bright colors that faux fur is now being shown in are popping,” notes Helena Apothaker, store director at Decades. Adding a hit of style to any outfit with a faux fur jacket has never been easier.

The Death of Skinny Jeans

“We’ve finally moved away from skinny jeans,” notes Patrick Kenger, an image consultant at Pivot Image Consulting. This is especially true for guys. “You now has some breathing room. We’re embracing larger fits that don’t squeeze the leg. Many designers have gone overboard with this, and runway models are swimming in their pants. If you want this look, keep it simple. Go for a classic straight fit as opposed to something slim or skinny. Make sure there is a very minimal break at the bottom of your pants.”


“A Chanel jacket is always trending. And with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, what is better?” Apothaker says. Incorporate this tried-and-true texture into any outfit for a touch of class.

Boots with Suits

Dress shoes and loafers aren’t the only option for fancier outfits. This year, we saw the boots with suits look make it into the mainstream. Especially during the colder months, this is a welcome development.

Modern Workwear

“Carhartt, Dickies, and Levi’s take the lead on this trend,” says Catherine Bachelier Smith of CBS Lifestylist. “It’s practical, comfortable and durable. End of story.”

Leopard Print

“Leopard print is back in a big way this year and I am hoping this is a trend that sticks around,” says Colleen Babul, stylist operations manager for Snap+Style Business. “It can instantly elevate your look by adding interest and edge.”

Shorter Shorts

Men no longer have to stick to the just-above-the-knee length for shorts. This year, shorter lengths came into the mainstream, allowing guys the flexibility to experiment with style and proportion during warmer months.

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