Best Vegan Brands of Clothing and Accessories to Shop Online

 Unicorn Goods

Meet the largest vegan store in the world — Unicorn Goods! By selling completely vegan products this company has a goal to save our planet, people and animals. Also, they give 1% of their profits to pro-animal organizations. They work hard to achieve a life which is good for people, animals, and the planet. And because of the hardship of finding vegan, animal-free products they decided to do what they do today! Unicorn Goods sells vegan clothing, accessories, shoes, skincare products, food and more for women, men and even for kids!

 Wholesome Culture

The founder of Wholesome Culture is a young, pretty, kind woman who always loved animals and after becoming vegan she noticed lots of benefits in her life and wanted to share this incredible experience with many people so in 2016 she launched a company called “Wholesome Culture” as a movement to make the vegan lifestyle accessible for most of us in this world! Now in 2019 this company makes 100% ethically made products for us. And this all allows them to give 10% of their profits to an animal rescue organization.


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Vegetaryn is a lifestyle brand and online shop where you can find ethically made, sweatshop-free, eco-friendly shirts hand printed in LA. Most of the clothes are made either from cotton blend or 100% cotton, also they use vegan ink on their products. A portion of sales is periodically donated to various vegan organizations like PETA, Mercy For Animals, etc. They sell vegan tees, sweatshirts, tote bags, candles, jewelry, hats, stickers and so much more which is totally amazing!

Veganized World

A team of crazy people who work on changing the whole world, who do actions to solve problems like animal abuse, world hunger, environmental pollution, etc. Their clothing and accessories with cute designs are not just items but tools with which you can share veganism, compassion, love, positivity, and kindness. You can find truly awesome vegan T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, mugs and more both for adults and kids on their web!

 Plant Faced

A vegan brand of stylish clothing and accessories called Plant Faced creates sick threads that don’t hurt the earth! Their clothing is 100% ethical and cruelty-free, and all the garments are printed with water-based, eco-friendly, vegan inks! The team of this vegan brand is passionate about fashion, art, design, music, surf, street, tattoo culture and vegan lifestyle. Even the packaging of their items is vegan and eco-friendly because this brand represents a new movement focusing on sustainable tomorrow.

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